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Pear Tart

Get this never-before-seen scent for just $10, today only!

A delicate blend of crisp apple and pear with hints of citrus balanced with notes of lily and sandalwood. 

Here at the Cleveland Candle Company, each candle:

  • is hand poured using 100% soy wax (our own custom blend of US Soy Beans!)
  • is stirred one at a time with a spoon (old school style)
  • has a self-trimming cotton-paper wick for easy candle care
  • features handwritten labels with customization options
  • 90% of our oils come from Ohio
  • shows off a simple label design that will compliment any space, and puts an emphasis on the fact that the candle comes from the one and only Cleveland, Ohio!

Burn Time: 30-50 hours per 8oz

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