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Custom Candle Making

Customize your scent

Step 1: Find Your Favorites

Explore our Scent Wall featuring 150-200+ scents and write down your favorites! Write down as many scents as you'd like-- We'll help you narrow it down later if needed! 

Once you have a good list going, check out our container wall and select your favorite container to fill! We have about 12-15 different options ranging in size, color, and style! You can also bring in your own container to fill (contact us for details).


Consult with one of our Master Mixologists to find the perfect blend among your favorites. We'll help you select 2-4 that go nicely together and then grab the corresponding oils for you to blend yourself! Don't worry, we'll be nearby if you need any help! 

Once you have your oils blended, you'll pour and stir them into the wax until well mixed together.


Get our gel pens ready-- It's label time! 

Receive blank labels and turn them into something truly your own! Whether it's a clever play on words, an inside joke with friends, or a name to commemorate an event, the choice is up to you!

An additional label is provided for even more customization. You can write the scents used to create your candle, the date, or even draw a picture!

Step 4: Pick Up

Depending on the size container selected, candles will take 1-2 hours to cool.

All of our locations are surrounded by great places to eat, shops to explore, and places to hang out and relax while you wait! If that doesn't work for you, feel free to come back another day--whichever is most convenient for you!

* If planning to pick up same-day, please arrive to make your candles no later than 6pm on Monday-Saturday or 4pm on Sundays.