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What type of wax do you use?

Our candles have a 100% soy wax base which we make in-house using U.S. soy bean extract. This allows for a cleaner and longer burn as you work with our candles.

What kind of oils are in your candles?

All scents come from fragrance oils, but our aromatherapy line use essential oils as their fragrance base.

How many scents does Cleveland Candle carry?

Our full inventory currently runs over 300 fragrances, we stock over 200+ of these at our stores at any given time.

Where are you located

Our flagship store is located in Ohio City, catty-corner to West Side Market, a short walk from the corner of Lorain/Carnegie and W. 25th, at the end of the United Bank Building. 

How can I make my own candle?  Do I need an appointment?

Walk-ins are always welcome, but you can also schedule an appointment ahead of time in order to ensure the best experience for your party.  Groups larger than six people should be booked by calling the location you are looking to make at.

What does making a custom candle involve?

When you build your own candle, you'll start by browsing our scent wall with over 200+ fragrances and writing down all of your favorites.  Our candle mixologist will help you and your guests narrow the selection to 2 and 4 scents to mix together to make a brand new scent.   When you decide upon a jar, you'll add the oils, wax, and stir the mixture, before designing your own labels and unique scent name.  Candles take one to two hours to solidify and dry, depending on the size of the jar. Many of our guests go out to eat or shop the areas and can pick up same day.

What is the burn time of an average candle?

Our standard 8oz candles burn for 30-50 hours.  We use 30 hours if you are a straight-burner meaning you never blow it out.  If your blowing it out every 2-4 hours expect 50+ hours.  Other sizes may vary.

Do you host private parties?

Yes, at our and Ohio City store.

You can also book a private event of your own.

As usual, reservation and cancellation fees apply to all private parties.

How long has Cleveland Candle been around?

We've been lighting up Cleveland since 2014.  See our story for more information about the history of our brand.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes!  Visit our wholesale page for details.