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MOHNEY Private Party - Sat. 5/23 @ 12-4pm - Ohio City Event Center

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Ohio City Event Center Private Party - Saturday, May 23rd @ 12-4pm

Party Hosted by Erin Mohney

Thank you for booking your event with The Cleveland Candle Company! Below is a list of our policies and guidelines you and your group must agree to before booking your party with us. Please read through each carefully and share with all those that will be attending your party. Thank you!

By paying your non-refundable deposit, you agree to the following:

Your official party reservation date and time is May 23rd from 12:00-4:00pm. You can begin set up 30 minutes prior to the start of your event and will have 30 minutes after your event to clean up at no additional cost. You will be charged $50 for every 30 minutes over your clean up time.

We do NOT allow hard liquor of any kind in our store or event space. This includes jell-o shots, mixed drinks, or any liquor-based drinks. If you or someone from your group brings in hard liquor of any kind, you may forfeit the use of our event space and will not receive any refund of any kind. We DO allow wine, beer, and champagne in our store and event space.

A 50% deposit of your total party fee is due upon booking your event. If you do not pay the initial 50% deposit within 7 days of booking your party (March 6th), your party will be cancelled and you will forfeit your reserved date and time. The remaining 50% of your total party fee is due two weeks before your event date (May 9th).

If your group will be adding on candle making to your event, we will ask for a final headcount of those making candles one week before your event date. We will require payment for this exact headcount given one week before on the day of your event.